My Story

Hustle Your Potential, To Gain Your Worth!

My name is Dwayne Walden. I’m a bachelor entrepreneur, with investments in Real Estate Development, Commercial Trucking, Exotic Car Rentals, Airbnb, and many more. I’m passionate about educating those who seek and helping them grow financially to prosper off their worth. The road to success was not easy growing up. I ran into many obstacles growing up in low-income areas, like street violence and running into trouble with the law. My mission is to teach basic financial literacy like building business credit and personal credit to capitalize off it. My motto is “Hustle Your Potential, To Gain Your Worth!

A Mission To Help All

The mission wasn’t so simple though. I lacked the knowledge in three areas I knew I needed to become successful. That was How to Be Disciplined, How to Be Financially Free, How To Lay Out My Vision. I knew once I self-disciplined myself my habits would change for the better no matter what the goal was. Learning and understanding financial literacy would just open up better opportunities in life. Then mapping and focusing on that one vision at a time. Now with one phone call I can help you lay down the fundamentals of discipling yourself in life to gain financial freedom.

My Vision

To show the power of credit and marketing.

Let's not forget about self-care.

Mental health is very important. We must understand the importance of self-care. No one can love you better than yourself. Also, in today’s world, it’s very important for us to understand the power and knowledge behind a good personal and business credit score. Along with the knowledge of marketing and tax credits.

My Mission

To teach, share, and grow our community.

I’m here to help individuals who are seeking to advance their lives.

My Purpose

To serve as an educational vessel to teach the mass.

Learning new tools to enhance your life shouldn’t be a hassle.